Play Sniper Assassin 5

The final mission is here! Are you ready to play Sniper Assassin 5? The fifth and final game in the series will feature the showdown between Shawn Davidson, the main character that is controlled by the player, and his arch-nemesis Mr. J who is responsible for the murder of his wife and best friend Ben. On his road of bloodlust and vengeance, Shawn must still keep innocent civilian lives safe, but he no longer cares about his own life and is prepared to throw it away to get his revenge. This means that you can expect a lot more action-packed levels when play Sniper Assassin 5, but don’t worry – the game creators have still included a fair amount of puzzle-type levels for you to bust your brains out!



The last game in the franchise also features improved graphics and amazing new cut scenes that are really dramatic and high quality. These will help set the atmosphere while you play Sniper Assassin 5 and help you get in touch with Shawn’s character. The starting scene following Ben’s murder and Shawn’s oath to seek vengeance certainly sets a new pace to the game and really gets the blood going. In spite of all the sadness, the hate that Shawn holds is still dominant and will be the main motive through the game.

So how do you play Sniper Assassin 5? Well, it is quite easy and just about the same as in the previous games. You control the sniper with your mouse and you vision is rather limited since you see the world through a sniper scope. You fire your weapon with the left mouse button and you can now zoom in and out using the letters Z and X on your keyboard. The scenes on which the game takes place feature much better graphics and the zoom feature will really make things more difficult and challenging, but also give you the ability to be way more accurate.

The game is very addicting and some of the levels are quite hard. There are a few mini games inside of the levels and as always there is even the “destroy the car” game where the character bashes a vehicle to provoke his target to come out. It is always fun to play that once and leave the serious tension and story of the game. If you like puzzle and action games then you will certainly have fun with this one and we encourage you to take some time and play Sniper Assassin 5 as it is truly a great game.

You should also make sure to check out all the previous parts of the game if you haven’t already since it doesn’t make much sense to play Sniper Assassin 5 without first experience the previous games. Still, if you don’t have the time it is perfectly fine since the story will be easy to follow to understand. So, why are you still reading this article? Hurry up and play Sniper Assassin 5!