Play Sniper Assassin 6

Have you finished playing all the previous Sniper Assassin games? The fifth installment in the series was said to be the last one, but fans are hopping that Addicting Games will answer their call sand create another series. Would you play Sniper Assassin 6 if it came out? Did you like the previous ones? If you haven’t played them yet then we certainly recommend that you do, since the story of Shawn Davidson is a very thrilling one that will have you completely hooked!


In the future it would be great if we could play Sniper Assassin 6 since the last game didn’t exactly live up to its expectations as far the game plot is concerned.



If possible, it would be great to see Lee breakout of prison and have Shawn hunt him down once again to finish his personal vendetta. And what if Mr. J were actually alive? Well, it would create a dramatic new installment in the series, that’s for sure! If you are eager to play Sniper Assassin 6 then you can always join the initiative and write to the developers asking them to consider creating a new one and suggest new features. Other than that there is nothing to do but wait and enjoy other flash games!