Sniper Assassin 5 Codes

Searching for Sniper Assassin 5 codes? The game is really tough and it is no wonder if you are struggling to get pass a certain level. As with all other Sniper Assassin games you can use these game codes to instantly go to a certain level that you wish to play. Just enter the code in the main menu using all small letters and you will be transferred to that levels mission briefing. Codes are also great if you want to pick up where you last stopped your gaming round since they work a sort of a “save game” system. Pay special attention to the codes at the start of a mission and write them down in notepad or on a piece of paper if it is easier for you so you don’t lose them. The codes also provide you with certain hints that can help you pass a level and all of these reasons are why codes play such an important part in the Sniper Assassin game series.

 The Sniper Assassin 5 Codes List


If you forgot your codes or got stuck and want to skip a level you can use this Sniper Assassin 5 codes list for reference and help. Each level has its own code that you will enter in the main menu. If you are considering on skipping a level you can’t solve we encourage you to try a few more times and think carefully for a bit before you decide to skip it as it is less fun this way. Here is the list:

  • Level 1: skyscraper
  • Level 2: outskirts
  • Level 3: warehouse
  • Level 4: cat and mice
  • Level 5: tick tock
  • Level 6: crunch time
  • Level 7: green horn
  • Level 8: short circuit
  • Level 9: runaway
  • Level 10: mansion
  • Level 11: invasion
  • Level 12: tag
  • Level 13: crackshot

Each of these codes will take you to the corresponding mission; however there is a bit of a difference for the codes in levels 10, 11, 12 and 13. This is because of what happens in level 9 where you are given a choice at the end to either save or kill the gang leader. Should you choose to kill him then all of the codes above are correct as you will go the harder way inside the mansion building on level 10. However, if you save his life then you will get to go inside the easier way by crawling through the less guarded sewers. In scenario where you save the leader the code for level 10 will become “hidden mickey” while level 11 will have the code “inflertation”.


If you don’t want to use these cheat codes but instead want to make the choice yourself and see both version of the game ending you do not have to play the whole game from the start once you finish it one way, you can just type in “runaway” to play level 9 and choose the second options for the leader’s fate. All in all, Sniper Assassin 5 codes are here to help you so use the list to your liking and enjoy the game to its fullest.