Sniper Assassin 5 Walkthrough

The final Sniper Assassin game is out and this final mission will go out with a bang! The game is quite impressive thanks to its new and improved graphics as well as deep, emotional cut scenes and thrilling missions. You must once again take the role of Shawn Davidson and for the final time take part in his vendetta and search for the man who killed his wife and best friend Ben – the illusive criminal mastermind Mr. J!


Level 1

Right off the bat you might have trouble with level one if you are not used to the new zoom function. Press Z to zoom in and X to zoom out and find and kill four enemy snipers. Be careful not to kill civilians as they might look like the enemy sniper from a distance, this is why you must zoom in and check things out for yourself.

Level 2

The objective and method is very similar to the previous level, but you will have to a bit a lot quicker as these gunmen will be firing at you.

Level 3

This level is a lot more complex and is more of a puzzle. You will have to destroy the power grid on the right by destroying the cable and freeing the truck by shooting the stone under the tire. Then kill off the guards one by one.

Level 4

You will be expecting a duel with Mr. J but there will actually be 4 snipers across the field shooting at you. You must quickly take all four of them out by shooting them in the head. Expect some of them to have the ability to dodge.

Level 5

There will be a lot of bombs and in order to disarm them you have to shoot all of the green lights.

Level 6

Demolish the car in this bonus mission!

Level 7

You must keep the Macro safe and kill all of the snipers. Be careful though as there are three enemies that will tray and come from the back.

Level 8

In this interesting level you must first shoot the pipe head that is situated on top of the guard at the roof. Once that is done you will shoot him in the so hits blood short-circuits the windows. Shoot everybody else now and leave the person behind the window last.

Level 9

Here you play as the leader and you must run away from Macro and Shawn. Depending on your choice to save or get rid of him in the end, the ending will be different.

Level 10

This is a major puzzle piece and you will need to carefully take out all the guards. Start by shooting the lights next to the entrance to separate the first two guards. Then kill off the ones next to the tree and on the top windows. If you however have chosen to the save the leader in the last mission the level is different and you will go through a sewer. The code for the last door is 03921 or just find the keycard near the entrance.

Level 11

Take out all the guards as quickly as possible.

Level 12

Shoot Mr. J three times but be careful not to harm civilians.

Level 13

Shoot Lee as soon as he leaves the safety of the tree. This is will be a lot harder than you think. After this a cut scene will appear and you will complete the game!