Sniper Assassin 6

The Sniper Assassin games have made it into a popular franchise and even now they are booming with popularity and winning the hearts of players across the world. The storyline was quite intense over the course of five thrilling games and the final revelation was quite interesting and breathe taking down to the last showdown and the last bullet. But will there be a Sniper Assassin 6 game to continue on the series? It is needless to say that the game certainly has a lot of potential to develop even further. The original games were a brilliant mix of an action-oriented shooter and a puzzle game that took us to the edge. Certainly, a lot has changed in the past two years and there are a lot of new features that the creators could incorporate.

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Sniper Assassin 6 Game Plot

At the end of the final, fifth game, we left Shawn Davidson who finally killed Mr. J, the man who killed his wife and best friend Ben, and brought the criminal mastermind Lee to the clutches of the law. Although the main villain Mr. J is dead, the other bad guy Lee is sitting behind bars with a double life sentence.

It would be a very interesting scenario if Lee were to escape and seek revenge against Shawn. An even more interesting concept would be if Mr. J were actually alive and if we would break Lee out of jail so that the two of them could start their reign of crime once again. The first person to suffer their wrath would probably be Shawn’s friend Charlie;this would give Shawn even more motive to seek vendetta and this time make sure that he puts a bullet through their heads at close range. If Sniper Assassin 6 ever gets created you can bet that this will be the general plot!

Sniper Assassin 6

Sniper Assassin 6 New Gameplay

The previous concept of the game series was rather good. You would see everything through a sniper scope and would fire your bullets with the left mouse button. The idea was to complete the objectives given at the start of the mission. Sometimes these tasks requires a lot of thinking and were puzzles in their nature, but other times they took on the action genre role and required good reflexes and quick response time.

Sniper Assassin 6

The Sniper Assassin 6 game could easily improve on these elements and include some new features that users have suggested over the past years. One cool feature would be if the player could choose between different weapons that would have their unique features. Including ammunition and reloading would also be a great new addition to the gameplay. More levels and mini games would certainly make the game much longer and more addictive. Of course, the classic “destroy the car” level cannot be left out as it has literally become one of the trademarks of the game! Creating better puzzle levels and longer action-packed shoot outs would also be a step in the right direction that the fans of the series would enjoy.